Orion reusable gowns

Environmental and economic benefits can be achieved with Orion gowns. A single one can replace up to 50 disposable gowns


Orion gown case study

These results were obtained in a study with Fundación Valle del Lili and Lafayette


  • 80.665 USD of monthly costs reduction.
  • -1200 units of disposable gowns discarded daily.

Workwear closed-loop recycling

  • In order to help companies to reduce their carbon footprint, we have  designed a program of recyclable clothes that can re-enter the economy after use, and mitigate the environmental impact they cause. (Resolution 1407 of july 26, 2018, issued by the Ministry of Environment).
  • We certify this recycling process.

Used garments are resources and not a waste

We are a Colombian company expert in institutional image, we offer the best alternatives in design and manufacture of endowments.